The Great Sale of Baby Boomer Businesses Has Begun

Baby Boomers, that energetic group of people born between 1946 and 1964, are embarking on a great transfer of wealth to inheriting generations. Read More

State and Local Tax Impacts on a Business Sale

Tax implications triggered by the sale of a business can get complicated when you add state-based tax codes to the mix. Read More

IRS Audits vs. Tax Planning – Tax Planning Offers You Better Odds

Did you know that statistics can offer some very interesting insights about probabilities?  Take, for example, the probability of you being audited.  It is 100… Read More

Businessman Sells Company – Keeps Taxes in His Pocket for Years

Family-owned businesses are a cherished American ideal, but it takes a commitment from multiple generations to keep such enterprises going. When the next generation “due… Read More

Dentist Sells Practice After 30 Years – Defers Taxes Due for Decades

The sale of a long-running business usually triggers a big tax bill, and small business owners often struggle to cover that obligation. The due date… Read More

Crime Does Not Pay – Save on Taxes the Legal Way

It distresses me to see a continuing stream of headlines in the financial media about tax cheats. Just recently two headlines popped into my e-mail… Read More

Apply 20/20 Hindsight Profitably Through Tax Planning

In tax planning, hindsight really is 20/20, for three reasons. First, you can learn from past actions what NOT to do in the future and… Read More

IRS Seeks to Limit Minority-Interest Estate Tax Moves

For years the IRS has been asking Congress to close a number of loopholes in tax law through which savvy estate planners and lawyers have… Read More

Real Estate Developer-to-Investor Status Switch Didn’t Fly with IRS

Developing an action plan to maximize the profit you keep in your pocket in anticipation of a coming tax bill makes good business sense. Read More

Asking for a Second Opinion Unlocks Great Tax Benefits

Our U.S. Tax Code is complex and multi-layered, with federal, state and local statutes competing to take their share of your hard-earned income and capital… Read More

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