The biggest tax problems facing real estate according to ChatGPT AI

AI is making huge strides in understanding our world and the undisputed leader is ChatGPT by OpenAI.  So we asked it what it thought the biggest hurdles were for taxes in real estate.  It turned out it had a pretty good understanding of what it was looking at.  Here's its response. Read More

Money Supply Shrinks for the First Time. What It Says About Inflation and the Economy.

The growth of M2—a measure of money supply in the economy that includes currency in circulation, balances in retail money-market funds, and savings deposits, and more—had been slowing over the past two years after a surge in 2020, but December numbers show a decline. Read More

Details & Analysis of the Inflation Reduction Act Tax Provisions

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) would reduce long-run economic output by about 0.2 percent and eliminate about 29,000 full-time jobs while reducing average after-tax incomes across every income quintile Read More

Four Key Points of 1031 Exchanges to Defer Taxes

You may be able to take advantage of a popular tax break that allows you to defer payment of any capital gains taxes due on the sale or maybe entirely avoid them. Read More

1031 Like-Kind Exchange Pitfalls to Avoid

Good faith efforts are not enough, because lurking in the regulations are numerous procedures that have to be followed to achieve a successful deferred exchange. Read More

Smart Ways to Avoid Capital Gains Tax on Business Sales

There’s a lot to consider when selling a business and tax planning is at the top of the list. Read More

Yellen’s comments on inflation spark confusion, clarification as White House tries to navigate economic pressures

The treasury secretary tried to stamp out inflation fears that have grown among some economists and business leaders. Read More

Markets and households lose faith that Fed can handle inflation

The Fed missed the biggest run-up in 40 years, in part because the lessons learned from the last recession weren’t a match for the covid crisis Read More

Why some of the country’s top CEOs fear a recession is coming

It's not just Cardi B. Chief executives of some of the country's top companies are also getting really worried about the economy. Read More

Taxpayers face overloaded IRS as filing season opens Monday

Why are some Americans actually eager to file their taxes? Read More

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