Yellen’s comments on inflation spark confusion, clarification as White House tries to navigate economic pressures

The treasury secretary tried to stamp out inflation fears that have grown among some economists and business leaders. Read More

Markets and households lose faith that Fed can handle inflation

The Fed missed the biggest run-up in 40 years, in part because the lessons learned from the last recession weren’t a match for the covid crisis Read More

Why some of the country’s top CEOs fear a recession is coming

It's not just Cardi B. Chief executives of some of the country's top companies are also getting really worried about the economy. Read More

Taxpayers face overloaded IRS as filing season opens Monday

Why are some Americans actually eager to file their taxes? Read More

Taxes May Be a Certainty – But the Amount You Pay Doesn’t Have to Be

You do have some control over how much income tax you owe – if you don’t wait until Tax Day to start exploring your options. Take some steps throughout the year, and you may be pleasantly surprised. Read More

What Are the Capital Gains Tax Rates for 2021 vs. 2022?

Which tax rate applies to your long-term capital gains depends on your taxable income. Rates for short-term capital gains are higher. Read More

America the generous: U.S. leads globe in giving

America was the world's most generous country this past decade, according to the Charities Aid Foundation. Read More

Silicon Valley residents say state ‘death tax’ should go

An anti-tax movement is working in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in California to gut a law that taxes transfers of inherited property. Read More

Assembly bill would tax house flippers, those who sell homes a few years after buying

House flippers could be taxed 25% of their profit under the California Speculation Act. Read More

California Wants to Double Its Taxes

No matter how Walczak breaks down the proposed constitutional amendment, the numbers are astounding. Read More

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