Key Biden Nominee Open to Raising Taxes on Middle Class

President Joe Biden’s commerce secretary nominee, Gina Raimondo, signaled to lawmakers Tuesday that she is open to hiking taxes on the middle class to raise funds to fight climate change. Read More

President Biden’s Tax Plans for the Next Few Years

With control of both the House and Senate in Democratic hands, President Biden will be able to get more of his tax policy proposals through Congress. Here's what could happen in the next four years. Read More

Biden Tax Calculator: How Might Your Taxes Change?

And although his tax plan will impact the bottom line of the wealthiest of Americans, low- and middle-income households may benefit from increased tax credits. Read More

What corporate tax departments can expect from Biden’s tax policies in 2021 and beyond

As U.S. National Tax Department Leader at Ernst & Young, Michael Mundaca has an insider’s perspective on the path ahead for tax agenda being put forth by the new administration of President Joseph Biden Read More

Be Ready for Big Changes: 2021 Tax Planning

Some fear that these tax increases will be retroactive to January 1, 2021, which is certainly possible. Read More

What Changes You Could See Under Biden’s Tax Plans

You may be wondering how potential tax changes might affect you as we enter the new year. Here are some important things to consider regarding Biden’s tax plans. Read More

State and Local Tax Impacts on a Business Sale

Tax implications triggered by the sale of a business can get complicated when you add state-based tax codes to the mix. Read More

Dentist Sells Practice After 30 Years – Defers Taxes Due for Decades

The sale of a long-running business usually triggers a big tax bill, and small business owners often struggle to cover that obligation. The due date… Read More

IRS Seeks to Limit Minority-Interest Estate Tax Moves

For years the IRS has been asking Congress to close a number of loopholes in tax law through which savvy estate planners and lawyers have… Read More

Real Estate Developer-to-Investor Status Switch Didn’t Fly with IRS

Developing an action plan to maximize the profit you keep in your pocket in anticipation of a coming tax bill makes good business sense. Read More

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