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Case Studies

We are experts at analyzing tax challenges and working with you to best solve it using tax law, and bring the greatest value in tax savings and profit to your clients.

With no up-front cost or obligation, we calculate the projected taxes, research and pinpoint the solutions, and report to you the varying benefits specific to your situation. Here are a few examples of clients who we have helped keep significantly more of their tax dollars.

Tax Planning

Sale of a Four-Plex Investment Property Located in Phoenix, AZ

Property owner deferred the capital gains taxes and collected $1,558,952 tax-free when escrow closed, increasing distributions by more than $469,000.

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Sale of an Event Services Company Located in CO

TaxWealth's multiple solutions resulted in options that provided a minimum of $500,000 more in after tax distribution.

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Sale of Commercial Property Located in CA

The property owner defers the taxes and receives $840,804 (40%) more than he would have using conventional tax planning.

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Stock Sale of Service Business

The seller received more than $5.6 million tax-free, an increase of more than $1.5 million.

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Dental Practice Equity Sale

A dentist wanted to sell his practice, an S-corp, for $1 Million. Without planning, he would have to pay nearly…

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Commercial Office Buildings

The owner of two office buildings with a combined value of $14.9 million wanted to sell but faced a major…

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Equity Sale of a Family Limited Partnership (FLP)

A Partner gains nearly $3 million more while eliminating the capital gains taxes.

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Luxury Private Home Sale

A retired couple downsizes to a new home, solves the capital gains tax problem and generates more income.

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