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Service: Retirement and Estate Planning

Planning for retirement and estate planning go hand-in-hand as the need to maximize your income over time is just as critical as how you protect passing on your legacy.

If you haven’t, be thankful.

Thoughtful retirement planning goes far beyond just being sure that your IRAs, 401(k)s and invested assets provide a comfortable income for the rest of your life.  It should also include safeguarding your assets from financial abuse and attack by predatory lawsuits.  We help to accomplish this by taking advantage of long-standing laws coupled with structures customized to each client that are specifically designed to exempt these assets from financial harm.

Also, it’s a difficult and frustrating process to follow if the estate is not set up properly. Estate planning is unique in that you create the plan but someone else executes it because you’re no longer present. If you are not careful and simply choose to do nothing, then your estate can deteriorate due to legal predators and taxes, robbing your loved ones of inheriting the full results of a lifetime of accumulation.

We can work with you to eliminate most of the headache associated with estate planning and minimize this burden for your family upon your passing. TaxWealth has the resources, expertise and experience to help you accomplish any number of estate planning goals. Through visionary strategies, we can devise a plan that partners with the government and uses the tax and estate laws to your advantage so your family’s needs are met without complications during a difficult time.

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