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About Tax Wealth

Tax planning support for owners of real estate, businesses and other capital assets

Who we are…

TaxWealth is a tax analysis and solutions research company which for 35 years has served owners of real estate, privately held businesses and other appreciated assets. We are very effective in helping to reduce, defer or even eliminate income taxes, and solve the capital gains tax concerns that are triggered when residential, commercial and other investment property or a business is to be sold; or even after a sale transaction has been finalized, it still may be possible to reduce the taxes that are owed.

We also provide value-added tax planning support to CPAs, attorneys, real estate and business brokerage professionals, and other financial advisers to help solve their clients’ tax problems. We are headquartered in Mission Viejo, California and serve our clients and professional Partners nationally.

Bruce Jones, Founder & CEO

Having entered the financial services industry in 1970, Bruce Jones has taught the subjects of tax management and financial strategy planning since 1974 and is Founder and CEO of TaxWealth® Inc.

Mr. Jones is Chairman of the Strategy Planning Professional Advisory Council™, an alliance of Tax and Estate Planning Attorneys, CPAs, Real Estate and other financial professionals. He is also a Board Member on various charitable non-profit organizations and is a co-founder of the Aliso Viejo (CA) Chamber of Commerce.

A contributing editor to real estate and other industry publications, Mr. Jones also writes on tax planning issues and speaks extensively on this topic at public and trade association forums and in college and university settings as an invited lecturer.

Amy Davis, Managing Director

Amy Davis has an extensive background in personal and business management, finance, and service. Specializing in business development and client relations, she expertly guides clients through the planning process, identifies their tax concerns and pinpoints in law effective strategies to solve the tax problems. Focused on communication, Amy also assists in helping clients to properly implement and maintain the tax solutions. She also uses her skillset in advanced planning methods to help business owners secure a bright retirement when they exit the business world by using tax off-set strategies to efficiently transfer their wealth from the business balance sheet to their personal balance sheet. Amy understands that real success in business and life comes only by serving others.

Chad Jones, Chief Marketing Officer

Chad Jones is a dynamic professional with a diverse background in business development and strategic partnerships. With over 15 years of experience, he has proven his expertise in driving growth and delivering innovative solutions across various industries. Jones has a strong track record of forging successful collaborations and building lasting relationships with key stakeholders.

Throughout his career, Jones has held leadership positions in notable organizations, demonstrating his exceptional leadership and strategic vision. He possesses a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, allowing him to develop effective strategies that optimize business performance. Jones is known for his strong communication skills, which enable him to engage and influence teams, clients, and partners to achieve common objectives. His passion for innovation and his ability to navigate complex business landscapes make him a valuable asset in driving business growth and achieving sustainable success.

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