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Service: Capital Asset Sale

TaxWealth can help you solve the taxes triggered by the sale of a highly-valued residence, investment property, a closely-held business, or other qualified capital asset.

Selling your property, business or other capital asset without the right advice can be very risky, for two reasons:

  1. Property and business owners are often surprised to learn that their tax obligation when they decide to sell may be even higher than the current 20% federal capital gains tax rate, state rate and the additional 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax brought on by the Affordable Care Act; and,
  2. Without a well-crafted tax strategy in place, unnecessary taxes that are being paid will eat away a significantly greater portion of your profits.

Conversely, the 70,000-page tax code is packed with tax benefits that past Congresses and State Legislatures have put on the books. The problem is that most business people have no idea these benefits exist, and no idea how to find them.

Capital Gains Tax Solutions we have crafted for clients include:

  • Advised on the exact deal structure required to sell privately-held company stock to a third party without triggering immediate capital gains for the year of sale.
  • Provided a retiring orthodontist with an effective way to sell his practice, defer the taxes for decades and receive a near-equivalent amount of the sale proceeds tax-free.
  • Saved the pending sale of a commercial property, preserving the tax advantages even though the original 1031 exchange nearly failed.
  • Guided a client selling publicly-held stock on the New York Stock Exchange how to eliminate the taxes completely, gain added tax savings and receive a tax-free distribution of cash over four years.

TaxWealth can help you solve the taxes triggered by the sale of a highly-valued residence, investment property, a closely-held business or other qualified capital assets. Even if you are in escrow or are struggling with a 1031 exchange that may soon fail, it may still be possible to solve the tax problem while maximizing your profit when escrow closes.

There is no cost or obligation to you for us to identify the types and amounts of taxes that would be triggered and how to solve them.

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