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TaxWealth offers innovation-driven tax solutions to help you maximize your clients’ bottom line and grow your practice

How We Help

The TaxWealth Alliance is strategically designed to transform the tax practice for CPAs, Enrolled Agents and accountants and provide an instant and deeply experienced tax planning department for financial advisors and other professionals.  It provides you with cutting-edge strategies, tools, technology, and expert support, backed by more than one hundred years of combined tax experience.  TaxWealth is your strategy and execution partner that expands your services and helps you retain clients without adding additional overhead to your already busy practice.

Benefits of Joining the TaxWealth Alliance:

  • Innovative Solutions: Leverage our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology to discover and implement unique tax strategies. We guide you through the complexities of the tax code, revealing hidden opportunities that can greatly enrich the services you offer to your clients.
  • Multidimensional Service Offerings: Elevate your practice by integrating our innovative strategies and insights. Our resources empower you to cater to a diverse spectrum of client needs, significantly enhancing your practice’s value proposition.
  • Team-Based Approach: Integrate TaxWealth as a crucial component of your strategy and execution team. We work closely with your business, supporting your clients’ needs while ensuring they remain your clients. Our partnership is built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect, allowing you to maintain your client relationships and brand integrity while we provide expert support and strategic guidance.
  • Business Growth with Less Overhead: Utilize TaxWealth to expand your business reach and capabilities efficiently. We support your growth objectives by providing the essential resources and expertise needed, enabling you to scale effectively without the usual increase in overhead.
  • Enhanced Client Retention: Provide personalized, high-quality tax solutions that adapt to your clients’ evolving needs. Our strategies are carefully designed to ensure your clients see real benefits, fostering enhanced loyalty and trust.
  • Lower Barrier to Entry for Advanced Tax Planning: TaxWealth makes sophisticated tax planning accessible. We provide the support and training necessary to confidently tackle complex tax scenarios, simplifying the process for you to enhance your service offerings.
  • Community Engagement: Join a community of committed professionals who are at the forefront of tax planning. The TaxWealth Alliance offers a collaborative network that encourages the sharing of insights and experiences, ensuring you remain at the cutting edge of the industry.

By joining the TaxWealth Alliance, you step into a partnership that not only supports your professional growth but also transforms the way you engage with your clients and manage your practice.

Who We Serve

Through these tailored offerings, TaxWealth supports partners across various industries, ensuring that every tax strategy not only meets but exceeds client expectations for financial growth and savings.

  • For CPAs, Accountants, and Financial Advisors: We offer technology-driven strategies that enhance your service offerings, ensuring your clients benefit from sophisticated tax planning.
  • For Attorneys: Our expertise combines with advanced technology to integrate effective tax planning into the financial outcomes of legal proceedings.
  • For Real Estate and Business Brokerage Professionals: Utilize our unique insights to make real estate transactions more profitable through innovative tax strategies.

Partnership Offerings

Innovative technology, deep experience, and white-glove support combine to help you bring unique solutions to your clients and help you expand your client-base.

  • TaxWealth Network: A foundational entry-level partnership that provides tax professionals with case studies, insights, and curated information. This tier is designed to enhance knowledge and keep members informed with the latest trends and strategies in tax planning.   Anyone can sign up for this mailing list and it is informational only.
  • TaxWealth Alliance: An exclusive membership for elite tax professionals who wish to integrate advanced tax strategies into their services. Members gain access to specialized resources on our partner portal, enjoy a members-only collaborative community, and benefit from a profit-sharing model that rewards active referrals, engagement, and client growth.  This tier involves an application and approval process to join and is required in order to share referrals and engage TaxWealth strategies.
  • TaxWealth Accelerator: An optional, advanced marketing service specific to the tax planning and strategy industry and tailored for Alliance members looking to aggressively expand their client base. This service provides bespoke marketing, including digital marketing, SEO, and web analysis, all delivered and managed by TaxWealth to ensure targeted and effective client awareness and acquisition.


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