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Partner with Taxwealth to maximize your clients’ tax savings

The complexity of the tax code creates a greater opportunity for tax savings. The more complicated your clients’ taxes, the more likely it is we can identify solutions to help.

TaxWealth offers each of our Partners an added dynamic in tax planning capability. The result is greater tax savings for their clients providing new and innovative business opportunities centered on each client. Our Partner is our client and we become that professional’s tax planning “back office,” working closely together to serve their client in the best possible ways. It’s all about collaboration and synergism.

Are you a CPA or Accountant?

According to a recent survey by the Sleeter Group, 76% of participants said the reason they left their CPA was because the firm only gave them “reactive services.” Safeguard your client relationships. TaxWealth becomes your “proactive tax planning department,” discovering ways through which you can bring added tax savings and other benefits to your clients.

Are You an Attorney?

You win a big judgment for a client in a lawsuit. Or, perhaps, assets have to be sold in a divorce proceeding. Whatever the circumstance, income and capital gains tax planning usually plays a big role in how much your clients end up with. As your tax planning Partner, TaxWealth works with you to craft the right solutions that you can bring to your clients to maximize the benefits you have worked so hard to achieve for them.

Are You a Financial Advisor?

We can help you release for your clients more lump sum amounts and increased tax-advantaged cash flow that is available to them but about which they are unaware. You can use these newly-found monies to help accomplish their objectives—without impinging on their regular income—and capture more assets under management, insurance and estate planning opportunities.

Are You a Real Estate or Business Brokerage Professional?

Looking for a way to be unique in your market area and generate more listings and sales? We can demonstrate to your selling prospects (and their CPAs) how they can walk away from closing with NO immediate capital gains taxes due and receive, tax-free, money that is nearly equivalent to the sale proceeds.


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