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Service: Corporate Tax Planning

Federal and State laws provide privately-held businesses with significant tax relief and leveraging these opportunities is not confined only to FORTUNE 500 companies.

All laws apply equally to all businesses.

You just need a dedicated tax planner to identify the right sections of the tax code that fit your particular circumstances.

Solutions we have crafted for clients include:

  • Structured strategic plans to help a client operate their business entirely on a pre-tax (untaxed) basis.
  • Worked with clients who have real estate portfolios, demonstrating to them how to run detailed cost segmentation to maximize the tax savings from all available asset depreciation schedules.
  • Helped a retiring business owner and his wife sell their business while giving them nearly $500,000 tax-free when escrow closed to comfortably begin their retirement.

Literally hundreds of unique, innovative strategies and state-of-the-art business structures are available to be customized specifically to your business needs. And they can be crafted and installed in various way to provide huge benefits in tax mitigation, asset protection, retirement enhancement and business succession planning.

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