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Partnering with TaxWealth

A revolutionary combination of strategies, education, tech, and cooperation to drive your practice to new heights.

TaxWealth offers two dynamic partnership opportunities, the TaxWealth Network and TaxWealth Alliance, designed to enhance CPA and financial services practices through exclusive access to tax strategies and resources. Alongside these partnerships, TaxWealth introduces the TaxWealth Accelerator, an optional service that complements either partnership choice.

This service is tailored to empower partners with advanced marketing strategies, aiming to significantly boost client acquisition and business growth by leveraging TaxWealth’s comprehensive tax and financial expertise. Together, these offerings provide a robust foundation for professionals looking to elevate their practices and achieve new levels of success.

The TaxWealth Network
TaxWealth referral and execution partnership
Engage TaxWealth as the lead execution partner
Collateral: Slide decks, data sheets, etc.
Lead registration: Register and track referrals
Partner portal access
Full TaxWealth training and support
Discount on future accredited education courses
Attractive commissions and referral fees
The TaxWealth Alliance
Partnership that enables your company to present TaxWealth strategies as your own solutions.
Access to TaxWealth's solution library
Tax strategy training and support
Slide decks, data sheets, etc. rebranded to your practice logo
Partner branded form for the Pre-Sales Tax Analysis Engine
Partner portal access
Register and track deals and referrals online
Organic and partner driven continuing education with completion certificates
Execute strategies yourself or refer to TaxWealth for execution
As appropriate TaxWealth will refer clients out to Alliance members
Attractive commission splits and referral fees
The TaxWealth Accelerator
Cutting-edge digital marketing as an outsourced service, focusing on attracting high-value customers by leveraging comprehensive and proven marketing specific to the tax and financial sectors, ensuring a tailored approach to growing your firm.
Lead Nurturing: Automated email marketing sequences to educate and move leads through the sales funnel.
CRM Integration: Seamless management of leads and customers within a centralized system.
Website Review: Evaluate, advise, and optionally update website structure and messaging to attract the right clients.
Content Creation: Development of high-quality, tax and financial services-specific content to attract and educate potential clients.
SEO Optimization: Tailored strategies to improve visibility in search results for tax and financial topics.
Social Media Engagement: Targeted campaigns to engage potential clients on platforms they frequent.
Analytics and Reporting: Detailed tracking to refine strategies and improve ROI.

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