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Have You Started Your Personal Tax Revolution?

By TaxWealth -

Taxes are a part of life (and death, for that matter.) As citizens we have the obligation to pay to support the existence of government agencies that handle tasks we as individuals cannot handle.

And if none of us paid taxes, this country’s economy would look more like Greece than America.

On the other hand, we are under no obligation to pay any more taxes than the law demands, and have the right to benefit from all the tax-payer friendly bits of the tax code, especially those taxpayers who happen to own capital assets like commercial property, or a business.

Flipping the hand back over, of course, the IRS is mandated to collect sufficient taxes to fund the government, and is not in the business of helpfully pointing out all the “tax loopholes” that you might take advantage of as a property or business owner.

Grabbing all the available tax benefits due you demands fresh thinking, which requires you to revolt against “business-as-usual” when it comes to tax planning.

Shake Up the Traditional Advisory Model

Some glib soul once said “possession of a good lawyer is 9/10ths of the law!” The same could be said for how most people handle tax planning. They rely on “possessing a good CPA” who is supposed to know the 70,000-odd pages of the IRS tax code by heart. The only problem is, the best CPAs usually handle close to 500 clients annually, which limits their time with each client to an hour or less. They simply don’t have the time to try to identify all the tax benefits to which their clients may be entitled. The primary benefit you gain is accuracy – avoiding penalties by submitting a proper tax return, and help in the case of audit. What you don’t get is insight into those areas of the tax code where the most lucrative tax benefits lie awaiting discovery!

So shake this structure up. Keep your CPA, but add a second resource: A proactive tax planner whose entire job is to detect missed opportunities (taxes that you may be paying needlessly), and who can pinpoint those areas in law that will bring to you the greatest possible amount of tax relief!

Many Smart Hands Make Your Revolution Light(er) Work

Meld the tax planning specialist’s expertise with that of your CPA and attorney to create a team of professionals synergistically working together for your benefit.

  • The tax planning specialist identifies and orchestrates the tax remedy
  • Tax attorneys and your CPA confirm the legality of the tax planning solution chosen, and handle the proper submission of all documents
  • If property or a business is to be sold, your real estate or business brokerage professional guides the sale of the property

This professional team is dedicated to maximizing the profit and income your property generates for you, while you own it and when you sell it.

If reducing taxes is important to you, it is imperative that you use an expert’s knowledge to discover the most viable options for your specific circumstances. Understand how these solutions impact you and then take action to effectively implement them to achieve your objectives. You can then confidently move forward to manage and/or sell your property or business within a structure that will provide you the greatest possible benefits when escrow closes…with the government’s blessing.

It really is your choice to make.

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