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Reduce Your Tax Burden

TaxWealth empowers CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors, real estate and business brokerage professionals, and their clients to minimize or eliminate capital gains or income tax burdens. Our partner-based approach increases bottom-line value through proven solutions that leverage the hidden opportunities provided in the tax code.

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Using the Tax Code to Your Advantage

Over the years, Congress has enacted laws that are specifically designed to reduce and in some situations, even eliminate, income and capital gains taxes.

These laws were created as incentives to stimulate commerce and other economic activities that benefit society as a whole.  They represent hidden opportunities that can be used as proactive strategies to minimize your tax burden.

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Making a Difference

We identify unique, customized tax solutions then use a team-based approach to deliver optimal results, including checks and balances that protect you and your clients throughout the process.

  • We provide a tax strategy roadmap for significant savings for your clients and we work with you and various tax authorities to guide independent tax law validation of the suggested deal structure
  • If the transaction is a property or business sale, TaxWealth pinpoints planning strategies and then works closely with the real estate or business brokerage professional who guides the sale
  • By working closely together, TaxWealth acts as a guide to help you quickly navigate the strategy and requirements needed to maximize your client’s benefits
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Saving Your Bottom Line

TaxWealth’s innovative, IRS-tested strategies create the right solution for your client's specific tax challenge, ensuring you maximize your client's bottom line by compliantly leveraging US tax law.

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